Home inspirations: bottles and glasses

I really love to buy things for the kitchen, especially mugs. But, given the marvellous water here in Zurich, first of all I need a good bottle. I don’t buy plastic bottles anymore and I am very happy about it. I already bought a bottle with filter for the everyday water, but I also want to have a glass bottle for drinks and cocktails.

from jungalow.com

The Jungalow gives us a good example of glassware: a simple bottle and a glass for the kitchen. You can find them clicking on this link.

I also use glass bottles when I make my homemade tea or lemonade and I like transparent ones so you can see the colours of the drinks.

from anthropologie.com

On Anthropologie web site I found these with a colourful bases and a gold ring. They are elegant and modern at the same time. You can find them clicking on this link.

And the most beautiful thing is that you can find water, wine, champagne and cocktail glasses with the same details. You can create a marvellous collection.

from zara.com

On Zara website I found these simple glasses with a detailed glass bottle. You can find them clicking on this link.

They are perfect for a classic cuisine.

from hm.com

Last But not least I found this glassware on the H&M website. They’re similar to those on anthropologie.com but they’re simpler. They only have a gold line that makes them elegant. You can find them clicking on this link.


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