Home-spare-time: homemade pesto

Before I start this article I want to say sorry to every Genoese that will read this article. My pesto is not THE real Genoese pesto. Some ingredients and doses are different.

Well, I want to share with you may really really easy home made pesto. Sometimes I try also other ingredients, for example zucchini instead of basil, or almonds instead of pine nuts. It’s always really good and it’s a quick recipe!
So, here’s the simplest recipe:

  • 25 gr basil
  • 40 gr parmesan (I use the real Italian Parmigiano Reggiano)
  • a pinch of salt
  • 50 ml extra virgin olive oil
  • a little piece of garlic
  • 8 gr pine nuts

I simply put all the ingredients, but the oil, together in a mixer and I mince them a bit. Then I add a bit of oil at a time and I continue to mince until I finish the oil and the mixture is well blended.

Finished! It’s so simple.
But I tell you something more, when I prepare the pasta I put in the same pot one chopped potato and some green beans.
Pasta, pesto, green beans and potatoes are a really perfect combination!

Foto 24-07-18, 14 43 12.jpg


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