How does Pinterest work?

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Pinterest is more than a social media: it is both a search engine for images and an “intent search” place. What I mean is that Pinterest is a place where you go because you have the intention to search for something, to learn more about something.

So what I suggest to always do is to teach something, or demonstrate why your product is what people need, give a solution to a problem.

Every Pin on Pinterest is an idea that links back to the website it came from.
When you give people a good idea, they’ll engage with your Pin by saving it or visiting your site.
Plus, when someone saves your idea, it spreads to more people through search results, feeds and recommendations. That’s how you get discovered on Pinterest—and that’s why a single Pin can drive tons of brand awareness, engagement and referral traffic, all for free.

These are 3 tips Pinterest itself recommends:

1Bring your best ideas: Great Pins are inspirational and actionable. Create Pins that help Pinners do things in real life.
2Use the recommended aspect ratios—vertical standard Pins and full-bleed Idea Pins look best in Pinterest’s feeds. We recommend a 2:3 aspect ratio (ex: 1000 x 1500 pixels) for standard Pins, and a 9:16 aspect ratio (ex 1080 x 1920 pixels) for Idea Pins.
3Write helpful descriptions so people know what your Pin is about, and to better target your content to its intended audience.
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One more advice I can add is to create content constantly, in order to be seen on the platform. Remember that you can program your posts directly on the platform! This is a really useful thing if you don’t have time to post frequently. You just program everything in one time.

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On Pinterest there are 3 types of format you can create:

  • Standard Pins – is the classic image you see on the homepage
    • use a vertical image
    • use image that are really related to your brand in order to avoid confusion. Get straight to the point with the image.
    • you can use your logo to personalize your pin, but don’t put it in the down right corner, it would be covered.
    • Write clear titles and descriptions, people will not be confused and your image will be better searchable.
    • always be sure to add a link to your pin that brings to the original website. This is a great advantage on the other platforms. You can always bring a potential client to your website!
  • Video Pins
    • be clear, keep it short and simple. In the first 3 seconds you have to attract the attention.
    • videos can be from 15 to 60 seconds long (a video add can be 9-15 seconds).
    • create a video that can be significant also without the audio. A lot of people look at videos with the sound off.
    • you can choose a cover image.
    • be clear with title and description. You have 100 characters for the title and 500 for the description.
  • Pin Ideas – these are pins composed by more slides. They can be compared to Instagram Stories but they stay forever.
    • video is the best format for Pin Ideas. Remember to use subtitles for people who don’t listen to the audio.
    • Tell a story in your Ideas with a start, a progression and an end.
    • show your personality, put your signs in these videos or images. People love to see faces, but you don’t have to show up if you don’t want.
    • you can add more details in the notes section to complete the story with a list, for example.
    • add some tags to make your Idea visible to your target market.

How to use Pinterest if you have a small product based business

Pinterest is the best for your small business.
You can show your products with all the details that make them unique.
You can share tutorials and DIY where you show people how to use your products, why your products are the best, what solutions they can provide.

All three formats are great for your business, but, since they are a new feature, Pin Ideas for now make you reach more people. They are treated like Reels on Instagram: to make people use them, they let them navigate more into the platform.
So for example, if you want to share a tutorial on how to use your sustainable face mask, I would go with a Pin Ideas rather than with a Pin Video. But of course this is up to you!

Another fantastic thing on Pinterest is that you can redirect people directly on your product purchase page.
Example: you share a standard Pin of your new handmade cotton pullover, you describe it in all its glory and you add the link to your product purchase page. People will click on the image and directly go to that page. A-MA-ZING, isn’t it?

How to use Pinterest if you want to sell your book

Pinterest is a place where people go to find inspirations.
What’s better than give people advice about books? And about your book?

In this case I suggest you to use more standard Pins: you can highlight some words from your book in a cute photo, you can suggest a list of book of the same genre of yours, you can show art made from your book’s story.
And of course, you can add the link to the book purchase page. This is great.

To self publish a book it’s both an amazing opportunity and a really difficult job. You need to find all the possible ways to make your book stand out all by yourself. And Pinterest can be of great help!

Don’t forget about ads

Pinterest ads help you reach people as they’re deciding what to do, try or buy. Your goal can be to grow your audience, drive website visits or increase sales (or all of the above).
To get started, I always suggest to choose a Pin you already posted and promote it.
At the moment you cannot promote Pin Ideas.

You can choose your objective, your target market and time and budget. Always start with a little budget.
Remember: social media are a constant experiment place.

So, what do you think about Pinterest?
Leave me a comment if you have some questions or write me on my socials!

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