What happens on social media channels in 2023

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Today I’m going to give you my opinion on what’s going to happen on social media in 2023.
We already saw in the last year that there’s a lot going on on any single platform.
That’s because marketing is changing.

Wait, marketing has always been changing, since it’s beginning.
But now that social media are so powerful, now that everybody is ready to use internet for their businesses, online marketing is making a great bounce ahead.

We have more social media channels competing with one another.
Till 2 years ago we had different platforms with different purposes: Instagram was for photos, Facebook for family and friends, Linkedin for job research, youtube for videos, etc.

Now everything is definitely mixed and we have more platforms on the market.
Plus, we cannot not highlight the fact that now SHORT VIDEO is the most usable format.
All social media channels are competing for the dominance as video platform.

Does this mean that we all have to create Reels, Tiktoks, Youtube shorts, etc.?
No, absolutely not. Because Internet is also fluid and full of people that are searching for different things.
So, what we need to do is to understand what formats are the best for what we want to say and sell and for the target market we have.

what else?

Social media platforms are trying to invest more on creators. What you have to add to this balance that you need to find is something that you have to decide.
Use your creativity, personalise your content, don’t copy bigger accounts and famous writers.
Experiment with types of content, format, find your color palette, find the right type of photos that goes well with your books, you can always change and optimize everything that you do.
Do you want to start from scratch? Start from scratch with a brand new account more along the lines of what you need now. Nobody is forcing you.

Stay curious, always. It’s so important to not get stuck on the same stuff. So take a look around and take inspirations from what is surrounding you, without copying, of course.
Don’t be scared of creating something new. What does SHE says? “Haters gonna hate”. And people will continue to judge. So do what the freak you want.

2023 is the freedom year, is the year without filters.

So, be yourself, write your book, the book that you’d love to read and you love to write and build your community online.
Do so by researching for your target reader, by using the right keywords, the right hashtags, being on the right platforms.

My final 2 cents: during the next years we’ll see a birth of new social media platforms focused on specific themes. That’s why we need to build now our communities on the social media channels we currently have, in order to bring them with us to the next level platforms in the future.

What are your thoughts?