How many social media accounts are good for you?

I know the feeling: you would like to be everywhere to reach as much people as you can. But is it doable? And is it worth the time?

Even if you have the possibility to have a help with social media, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is your target market on all social media channels?
  • Is your book interesting for people on a determined social media platform?
  • Is it worth the money you pay to your social media manager to just make her repurpose content everywhere?

Sometimes social media experts say that it costs nothing to repurpose your content everywhere: for example, you just can copy and print all your Instagram Reels on TikTok, and Twitter, and Pinterest, and Youtube. Or you repurpose your post on Facebook, and Linkedin, and Twitter…

But is it really a good advice? I am absolutely a big fan of content repurpose, since nobody see all your content and nobody follows you on all of your accounts.
So you can for example, post a content one day on Instagram and a month later on Linkedin (like I do).

But what if you post one content on all the main platforms? Isn’t it repetitive, boring and a little bit unprofessional?

What I suggest small business owners (and you, writer, are definitely one) is to have two/three main platforms and to choose them balancing the channels where your target persona is and the channels you like and that use the type of content that’s good for you.

For example I use Instagram, Linkedin and Youtube. Instagram is for all types of writers, Linkedin for professionals and Youtube for classic writers.
I repurpose static posts from Instagram to Linkedin (changing words and adding links) and short videos from Instagram to Youtube.

I may repurpose everything also on Twitter, and Pinterest, and TikTok, but I don’t do it. First because I need time anyway to repurpose it, changing the right words and images, and second because how do I know that that content will be great and bring value on other platforms with different people?

Let’s summarize:

  • max 2/3 platforms based on your target persona and on the type of content you want to create;
  • you can repurpose your content but be sure to use the right language on any platform. Don’t just copy and paste! An example: Facebook allows links on posts, Instagram doesn’t. Linkedin wants a more professional language, Instagram doesn’t.

So, what social media channels are you going to choose?


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