Zurich, the fountains city

The people of Zurich have the luck to have a lot of water. There is the beautiful lake Zurich and also two rivers, Limmat and Sihl. Water is abundant and very clean and they use it in different smart ways. First of all it is very good and we drink it. It would be impossibileContinua a leggere “Zurich, the fountains city”

How to find an apartment in Zurich

Let’s begin saying that most of all the house in Zurich haven’t a private owner but they are of companies. They always try to keep them well and they renovate them constantly. That’s way, for example, that I don’t have a balcony at the moment, because they are remaking all the building balconies and also the facade. They do these things continuously so they can maintain the house rent costs.

Zurich: Friedhof Sihlfeld

Let’s say that I don’t love sports. Well, I don’t love to DO sports, because I love to watch for example basketball. So, I don’t do sports but I walk. I love to walk very much and I love to explore new places and breath good and clean air. Luckily Zurich is not polluted asContinua a leggere “Zurich: Friedhof Sihlfeld”

Coconut oil: here’s how I prefer to use it

First of all I buy only extra virgin coconut oil. This is an important thing, because it means that is pure and not treated. You can find it in a lot of herbalist’s shops and organic shops.

Second, it is a oil, this means it is full of fats (vegetal fats), so you don’t have to abuse of it in the kitchen.