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Slime face cream by Aspersina

This week I talk about my mother’s favourite beauty routine. All made by slime. I know it is strange, but I definitely love slime now thanks to her. I also cured my sore throat with slime. Well, Bava Pure by Aspersina is a very good face slime cream that renovate your skin. My mother chose this one in particular because it has the 90% of slime (you can find different percentages).

Every morning and every night she cleans her face and then put on this fresh (well perfumed) cream and she feels to be younger and toned. So I tried it too.
Results? It is a very good face cream for different ages. I’m thirty, she is fifty-ehm-ehm and we had the same benefits. My skin is glowing and it is well toned.

you can find a lot of different brands that uses slime, but I think you should choose the one that has a high percentage of it. obviously it costs more than one with a low percentage. But I think it’s a very good investment.

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