Animasks by Mad Beauty

I love rose water, it makes your skin glow and it soothes redness. Even the dark circles under your eyes are less evident.
So I tried another sheet face mask with rose water by Mad Beauty. All their masks have animal shapes and this one has panda shape. Very funny! But I don’t know if I want to show you my panda face, I have a dignity.

Use: clean your face, remove the film from the sheet mask and then put it on. After 10/12 minutes remove it and massage your face to let the skin absorb all the remaining rose water.
I feel my face a bit sticky and I don’t know why because rose water is like a toning lotion, so it is “dry”. But the result is good, especially on my under eyes, and my skin is brighter.

I think that this mask is perfect for who has no dry skin problems and wants only to perfect the skin.

I bought it here on Have you ever tried this mask? What do you think about it?

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