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Friends, you know that I have already a kitchen. I didn’t have to search through every kitchen store in town and I am a bit sad about that, even if it is a big difficult thing to do.

So, I decided to search on the internet to let you see which types of cabinets I love the most. I love different styles and colours.

source: Remodelista.com

But white is always a good choice, because you can add colours with all the accessories. I found this beautiful and cheap example on Remodelista (here the article). The white wood is elegant and simple, it fits well both in a country house and in a city house. In a little space you have everything. Nothing’s better than a tiny and well organized kitchen!

I also love all the decorations.

Don’t you love the cutting boards on the wall and the chandeliers?

Sometimes, on the other hand, you may need a bit of energy in your home. You know, I grew up in a colourful house with a different nuance in every room. The kitchen is orange and in the morning, when you wake up and go there for breakfast, that colour is like a cup of coffee! So, if you need colours, maybe you’ll love this from ELLE Decor ele_decor(here’s the link to the article). Doesn’t it reminds you of Amelie’s kitchen? Yes, it was red and green, but the light, the sensation, it reminds me of her! It is rustic, cozy and all the objects are where you can find them. I really really love colourful walls, but unfortunately I cannot paint here.

I also found something similar to my parents’s kitchen on The Jungalow (here the link to the article), the beautiful site of Justina Blakeney, one of my favourite designer. The walls are the same colours as my parents’s, but the

source: Jungalow.com

cabinets are totally different. The contrast between orange and mint is so particular and modern. The tiles reference to the wall, the fridge and the cart. This is an office’s kitchen, but I think this will be perfect in a young couple’s apartment. Don’t you want to talk about the unique chadelier and the colourful carpet? I want definitely a carpet like this in my kitchen.

What types of kitchen do you love? And what type of kitchen do you have? Have you got a favourite shop where to buy kitchens and kitchen’s furnitures? Let’s talk about it because I need a lot of advices for my kitchen decoration!

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