Juice extractor and a lot of fruits

I received this wonderful juice extractor by Aikon as a presents from two sweet friends.  I have never used one of these before and I have to admit that fruit juices are really better made with fresh fruits. But we decided to use it only when we have a lot of fruits at home and don’t want to let them waste. I know, I can also use vegetables, but I’m not ready yet. Spinach and avocado juice? Not now.
I tried ananas-blueberries-strawberries juice and peaches-apricots juice. Very very good. Every piece of this machine is easy to clean except of the green one, it’s like a grater and it’s a bit more tough.

But that’s more. The first time I added the discarded pulp to white yogurt and honey and it was delicious, but then I found out that I could use it to make some desserts!
In the next days you’ll see what I did with apricots and peaches pulp! It was so easy!

Foto 02-06-18, 18 54 49

Stay tuned and tell me if you make some particular juice or use the pulp to make some desserts! What kind of juice extractor do you have?


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