Home-spare-time: pancakes!

My favourite breakfast at all is pancake breakfast. I make them since my first year at university. I can make them with or without eggs, with or without milk (sometimes the nothingness inside the fridge doesn’t help) and with or without the yogurt, but I think that with it they are softer.

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Then there is the dressing: butter and marmalade, nutella, honey, maple syrup… I can go on forever.

Well, do you want to know how I make them when I have all the ingredients?

  • a cup of flour
  • a spoon of sugar ( I use cane sugar)
  • a tablespoon brimming with baking soda
  • one egg
  • one yogurt ( I use white yogurt without sugar and the 125gr or 150gr packaging)
  • milk q.b.

Then what do I do? I simply put all together, except for the milk. I mix everything with a fork and then I add some milk until the mixture is soft and creamy but not liquid.

Then I warm up a non-stick pan and put 2 spoons of the mixture to form a circle. When you see some bubble on the top rotate it, wait a bit and then it’s ready. Repeat until you finish the mixture.

Isn’t it the easiest recipe you’ll ever see?

Foto 22-07-18, 09 05 36.jpg

Believe me, with a yogurt they are really really soft and tasty.

How do you like your pancakes? Do you change something in the recipe?


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