Home inspirations: bowls

You know, trends always come back, in fashion as in home decor, or movies, or everything that changes continuously.

But they don’t come exactly the same way as the previous time, luckily. It would be boring.

Well, a trend that proposed itself again after more than 20 years is the bowl. Didn’t you noticed? When I was a child I dreamed of that bowls full of colourful cereals in the American movies. But before that there was in the 50s/60s the milk soup bowls that my grandparents used to eat at dinner (it was a poor meal, indeed).

from Nordstrom.com

This last example goes well with my first discover of the day. Their bowls resemble these from Nordstrom. You can buy them here at this link.

I really like them both for breakfast and for an akai bowl, a rice bowl ecc.

Simplicity is always a good choice when you’re not sure what to choose…

from slavicapottery.com

…but not always! For a rustic, country kitchen I’d love to have colourful bowls!

My kitchen is white and these Slavica Pottery would give it some colour! You can buy them here at this link. These are typical Polish pottery. I really love all those details, and you?

from Morikami.org

But there are also details ton sur ton. Like on these bowls from Morikami, a Japanese site that you have to visit absolutely.

You can buy this hand-painted beauty here at this link.

from clearblurdesign.com

Last but not least, another simple but beautiful handmade pottery shop, that you can find on Etsy, is Clear Blur Design.

I cannot give you the link to these bowls because they are renovating their Etsy site and I cannot wait to see their new objects!

So, do you like these bowls? Do you use them? Have you got some online shop to suggest?


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