Zurich, the fountains city

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Limmat river

The people of Zurich have the luck to have a lot of water. There is the beautiful lake Zurich and also two rivers, Limmat and Sihl. Water is abundant and very clean and they use it in different smart ways.

First of all it is very good and we drink it. It would be impossibile to drink the water in my Italian city because it is full of limestone. But this one is very good!

Second, they have a lot of hydroelectric plants that aren’t harmful to the environment as other types of plants. Good for you, Zurich.

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Limmat river

Look how this water is clean. It would be a dream to have such a clean Po in Italy!

Third, they have a lot of fountains! You can find a fountain in every corner of the city and the water is always good!

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Fountain in Friedhof Sihlfeld

This is one of the fountains in Friedhof Sihlfeld, the place I talked about some weeks ago, where I go for a walk almost every day.

Foto 04-08-18, 18 12 54.jpg
Fountain in Münsterhof

This big fountain is near the big and beautiful FrauMünster church and the city town hall.

Foto 03-08-18, 21 03 01
Fountain in Münzplatz

I left the best at the end. This one is a common fountain of Zurich, if you go for a walk in the center of the town you’d notice that there are others similar to this one. But this fountain has a unique caretaker. Every year, on the first of August, on Switzerland birthday (the Schweizer Bundesfeier), the flower shop Blumen Fitze fulls this fountain with beautiful flowers. It’s such a wonderful idea! But you can only see this on the first of August and some days after (I made this photo on the third). Is this a good reason to visit Zurich on this date?


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