It’s playlist day! #7

This is the seventh playlist of The Lazy Factory and maybe it’s too hipster, but I think it is perfect for a relaxed weekend. I imagine a bottle of wine and a hearth or a warm bath. I don’t have neither a fireplace nor a bathtub, but, you know, dreaming is free. So take your lover to a beautiful …

It’s lazy playlist day: flu weekend

It’s that time of the year, flu time. So this indie playlist is for all of you with a big flu and for all the people that every year, regularly, have flu on weekends. You can listen to my list here on my Spotify.

Jessica Louise, a new voice of indie R&B

You know, I love different kinds of indie music. This time I found a Long Beach native indie R&B singer-songwriter, Jessica Louise. Her voice is angelic, but also lightly raspy, like the queens of jazz. Her debut EP is Voices and it’s a mixture of neo soul, future R&B and acoustic soul.

Klara Zubonja: an Australian singer with an European folk heart

A new singer-songwriter is entering the world of folk music: Klara Zubonja is an Australian beautiful girl I discovered a couple of weeks ago and I already love her voice. I am a lover of every particularity indie can give, like Regina Spektor, Eliza Doolittle, Marina and the Diamonds…